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Friday, February 6, 2009

Light and Dark Rose Quartz, Pearls, Silver Bead with White Stone Pendant on double silver chain $45

Brown and White Pearls with White Stone Pendant with silver links $45

Turquoise, Olive Jade and Rose Quartz on double silver chain $45

Grey Sponge Coral, Olive Jade, Turquoise, White Stones with Yellow Turquoise Pendant on double black chain $45

Black Onyx with Black Stone Pendant on medium chain $45

Red and Grey Sponge Coral with white and green stones on double black chain $45

Turquoise, Olive Jade, White Stone pendant on medium chain $40

Turquoise, yellow turquoise, clear yellow stone, white stone, double black chain-$45

Turquoise,olive jade, clear yellow stone, green stone, single strand $35

Wood and Turquoise-$35

Sponge Coral, Turquouise, Wood, Green stone on double silver chain-$45

Yellow Turquoise Pendant, Clear Yellow Stone and Turquoise on brass chain-$40

Zebra Jasper and Coral-$35

Sponge Coral, Olive Jade with Green Stones-$35

Earthy Brown and Black Stones on double silver chain-$45

Kiwi Stone, Wood, Black and White Stones on double black chain-$45

Zebra Jasper on double silver chain-$55

Olive Jade, Wood, Pearls, Green Agate glasses holder-$35

Turquoise pendant on fine chain-$30

Turquoise, Black Onyx, Shells on double black chain-$45

Olive Jade on medium chain-$40

Black Onyx with pendant on small chain-$30


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